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Our All-in-One, robust, efficient and affordable School Management System (SMS) and e-Learning/ e-Library platforms are designed to help you build and manage your schools more efficiently and stresslessly.

School Management System

21 Modules & 30+ Features

Reception/Front Office

Enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch

Student Information

Student search, admission, profile, reports, history

Fees Collection

Fees master creation, fees dues, fees reports

Income Mgt

Non-fees income, create, search income, income head

Expenses Mgt

Add, manage, search different expenses

Attendance Mgt

Manage student, staff attendance reports


Create, manage, schedule exams, marks, grades


Manage classes, sections, subjects, timetable, promotions

Human Resources

Staff members, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves


Messaging system for students, parents and teachers

Download Center

Manage assignments, study material, syllabus etc


Give homework here and further evaluate them


Manage the books in your physical library

Inventory Mgt

Manage assets, stocks and store

Transport Mgt

Managing transportation, routes and fares

Hostel Mgt

Manage hostels, rooms and fares


Generate student certificate, ID Card

Web Frontpages/CMS

Creating front pages, menus, events, gallery, news

General Reports

General schoolwide or system-wide reports

Calendar & Tasks

Manage daily/monthly activities & tasks


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