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FLExTutor is a FREE initiative which helps Anyone to Learn, Explore new opportunities and Excel in life. It is a world of limitless potentials for Everyone! FLExTutor is designed for: Students at all levels of learning, Employed & Unemployed, Entrepreneurs & Businessmen

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Secondary Schools

Study with approved curriculum textbooks, watch lesson videos/simulations, take self-assessment tests/exams

University Students

Access and download whole course materials, lecture notes, video lessons etc on for all courses/topics

ICT & Business Courses

Empower yourself now! Get started learning new skills in business, technology, and personal development

Why Free?

We chose to be FREE so that our content will always be free for all categories of learners. Some people think this approach is not sustainable but you and I can prove them wrong.

Join donors who pitch in to keep FLExTutor Apps and Portals Free. Send in your freewill donations to help us expand our content to continue helping more learners.

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Track Records

Commendation, Award and Partnership


Commendation by Fed Min of Science & Tech in 2013
Award by Lagos State Min. of Education in 2015
Sterling Bank One-Education Partner